Ghana is blessed among West Africa countries to see the light of LITWCHURCH. We have made a better move since 2019! We wish the rest of the West Africa countries will join the  LITWCHURCH train before we announce no vacancy available.

– Country Bishop Ghana – Stephen Kwabla Gbeve


I was the first Asian FFGE member of LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH (LITWCHURCH). We have been a part of this ministry since the Lord led us to it in August 2019. We are now setting up our Apostolic See in Bangladesh.

– Pastor Isaiah Prodip


Our church in Andhra Pradesh, India is the founding church for the Apostolic See of LITWCHURCH in India. The Lord led my entire family and church to become part of this ministry. We are like family which is what Heaven shall be like! Shalom!

– Pastor Nani Babu


The Lord led us to Apostle D and LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH. I am a founding Director of the Apostolic See in Uganda, Africa. The difference in our ministry is “felt” and “seen” with the the first engagement. The Spirit of the Lord is in this place!

– LBsp Mike Omaset


Our Team

BspDr D

Apostle / International Presiding Bishop

Eric Douglass is from Baltimore, Maryland. Married more than 42 years to the love of his life – Mary Douglass. He has 6 children and is the spiritual father to a hosts of others that call him Dad. Eric is an accomplished and ordained pastor and teacher. Eric is a veteran of the US Army and attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. For his theological training, he attended Wesley Theological Seminary and The Ecumenical Institute of St. Mary’s Seminary.

Mary Douglass

Chief Elder

Mary Douglass is the Chief Elder of the Board of Elders of LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH INC, LITWCHURCH GLOBAL MINISTRIES, and APOSTOLIC BIBLE COLLEGE & SEMINARY. She is an accomplished teacher K-12 and has completed all of here requirements, except dissertation, for her PhD in Educational Supervision. Mary is a Sister of Zion with great faith and is a brain cancer surviver that quietly shouts her love and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ron

Executive Pastor

Pastor Ron is Love In The WORD Church’s Executive Pastor responsible for the business aspects of our church. Ronald is also the Director of Music for the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Westminster MD (under contract). He holds the Bachelor of Science in Music – Voice Degree from Morgan State University and the Master of Science in Music Education from Towson University (2001). Pastor Ron received his Doctor of Divinity from Apostolic Bible College & Seminary.

Brandon Douglass, Esq

Director / General Counsel

Brandon Douglass is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law Schools. He is a Director of the Board of Directors and provides the Church legal coverage for its activities. He is the father of 2 children and is married to Christen Svingos, a ardent supporter of LITWCHURCH.

The Love of God, The WORD of God, The Care of God